Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility

Like the rest of the business world, Nova Translation recognizes that sustainable development is not, and should not be the responsibility of governments and NGOs alone. The corporate world has a role to play in ensuring the sustainability of our resources and human development. We have voluntarily made a decision for our corporation to participate in this movement in ways that are aligned with our ideals, and suitable to the scope of our work.

We are dedicated to taking care of the people we work with, the people we work for, the people that work for us, and the world in which we live. For this reason, we have outlined the following goals as part of our corporate social responsibility plan.

Pro bono translation/interpretation: Nova Translation is dedicated to helping individuals and charities with their language service needs, while helping our translators gain valuable experience. Our pro bono translations/interpretations are assigned to one of two types of translators: translators with extensive backgrounds and experience who would like to volunteer; or recent graduates of translation and interpretation university programs who would like to gain experience.

Scholarships: Each academic semester, Nova Translation offers scholarships to university students who exhibit great potential in the translation and interpretation fields. Please contact us for further information.

Employee donation: At Nova Translation, we encourage our employees to volunteer in their communities. For every donation that one of our employees makes to the organization of their choice, Nova will match it up to a designated amount annually. Furthermore, our employees can take two days paid leave per year to volunteer with the organization of their choice.

Equal opportunity employer: As a company policy, we do not discriminate against applicants in terms of age, race, gender, sexual orientation or marital status. We appraise our candidates entirely based on merit. We review their academic achievements, previous work experience, and overall qualifications of the position for that is available.

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The environment: We voluntarily do our best to contribute to the sustainability of our natural resources. We made it a point to purchase electronics that consume the lowest amount of energy possible, and our staff is conscious of the ways in which we can each contribute to a reduction in the consumption of water, energy and gas. We recycle at every possible opportunity and minimize the amount of waste produced in our office. One point of pride for us is that 100% of our employees either walk or take public transportation to work, reducing the environmental footprint of Nova Translation.