Superior Customer Service
At Nova Translation we put special emphasis on our customers. Our project managers are always available and are particularly responsive and sensitive to your needs. We pride ourselves on our reliability and our commitment to exceeding your expectations. Our service includes regular reports detailing our activities so you always know exactly what project elements we are working on and what costs to expect. Respect for deadlines is a cornerstone of our business.

Quality Assurance
We guarantee that the translations and language services we provide are of the highest quality available anywhere in the world. We adhere strictly to industry standard methodologies including quality control, which in turn produces consistently high quality projects. Translators and interpreters are chosen specifically for their area of expertise as required by your project. Every translation and interpretation project is reviewed by a second translator for complete quality assurance. In addition, a second round of editing is performed by a professional editor, who also works in his or her native language.

On-time and Budget Friendly
Our unique management approach ensures that the same translators are available to work with you from one project to the next. This provides project continuity and greatly reduces the learning curve, saving you both time and money. When you need extra resources for a special project we provide reinforcements. Using our custom-designed database, we track each project carefully to ensure that we adhere to our scheduling and budget commitments on every project.

We understand that your work is sensitive. Whether it is your private health documents, personal financial data, or information related to your company’s product ideas, inventions or business plans, we affirm that we will hold all information in strict confidence. We will never share your private information without your explicit permission. In fact, we sign agreements with each of our clients outlining such affirmations. This way, our clients can rest assured that the information that they entrust to us remains confidential.