At Nova Translation, we pride ourselves on our successes. We accredit this to the vision that we have established for our future based on the following four principles:

Teamwork: Teamwork is a cornerstone of our company. When you become our client, you become part of our team. Internally, our project managers and coordinators are in constant contact with our translators and editors to ensure a seamless workflow. At the same time, you can trust that our project management team will keep you abreast of any developments regarding your project. This style of operation has proven to us that open, honest and friendly cooperation amongst our team-our staff and our clients-is the most effective way to produce work that exceeds expectations.

Leadership: We will continue to be a leader in the field of language services, by growing our client base, our geographic areas of operation, and the sectors in which we are specialists, all while advancing our already established reputation of customer satisfaction. Additionally, we will further extend opportunities for our internal team to enhance their personal leadership skills through regular workshops and lectures.

Progressive Outlook: Our progressive outlook is so embedded in our company that it is in our name: Nova, which means “new” in Latin. We always have our eyes open for the newest technology tools that we can apply in our company, including web-based translation management systems, computer assisted translation software, and communication processes and tools. Furthermore, our progressive outlook directly includes our clients. We insist on developing solid, long-term relationships with our clients that ensure that they return for our services time and time again.

Reliability: The thousands of clients that we’ve accumulated over the years consistently provide feedback to us regarding the quality and reliability of our work. In fact, according to our customer satisfaction survey, we have a nearly 100% satisfaction rate with our customers. The second aspect of reliability that we at Nova Translation perceive with the utmost seriousness is confidentiality. We sign agreements with each client to give them confidence to entrust us with the most confidential information. We promise that our client’s private information will never be divulged without their prior consent.