Financial Translation
Financial Translation

We all know the phrase “money talks”. If that’s true, then it better be understood in every language.

Every economic institution, organization and business understands that money is the greatest communicator in the world and that accurate financial translations are indispensable toward making certain that communication is not infringed upon in any way.

At Nova Translation, we recognize that finance is a language in itself, and for that reason, our translators are professionals who have a thorough grasp of financial concepts, terminology and on-the-ground experience in the financial sector-in many languages.

Sometimes, financial lingo can be intimidating and obscure, even more so when certain concepts or vocabulary don’t exist in the target language. All our financial translation documents are reviewed by a second translator and a proofreader to make sure that the finished product is in line with the clients demands and expectations.

Our Experience and Expertise in Financial Translation

Nova Translation’s experience in completing financial translation and localization projects for some of the most influential banking institutions in the financial industry, has grown exceptionally since we opened our doors in 2001.

Many respected financial institutions including: Fortis Bank, Allianz, the Warsaw Stock Exchange, and even the Social Security Administration of the US Government, have come to depend on Nova Translation’s services to ensure that their financial information is communicated clearly in every language necessary.

Whether it be multi-language translations of: commercial contracts, annual reports, corporate financial documentation, financial software, or market surveys, Nova Translation’s financial translation team has accrued a wide range of experience through the use of our extensive resources to ensure accurate translation of your financial information into any language that you may require.