Medical Translation
Medical Translation

In the medical world, quality translations are not a matter of luxury, they can be a matter of life and death. Nova Translation provides translation services to hospitals, medical equipment manufacturers, pharmaceutical firms, clinicians, and researchers. Because medical translations demand not only flawless language skills, but also in-depth knowledge of the healthcare industry, our clients can be certain that our expertise and attention to the technical nature of medical translation is unparalleled. Each of our translators works closely with our clients to ensure that translations are 100% accurate and exceed clients’ expectations.

Medical Translation in Turkey

Acquiring medical translation services is becoming increasingly more necessary, even for Turkish companies who do not sell their products outside Turkey. In Turkey today, approximately 5 million Turkish people over the age of five-about a fifth of the population-speak a language other than Turkish at home, and almost half of these Turkish people do not speak Turkish as their native tongue. This represents a significant segment of the medical, pharmaceutical and health care market that must be addressed in different languages.

Our Experience and Expertise in Medical Translation

The Turkish Ministry of Health has selected Nova Translation as the sole provider for its medical tourism interpretation at ### hospitals in Ankara. We are proud to have 20 members of our talented team at the hospital every day providing quality language services to the hundreds of medical tourism patients that come to Turkey for

With its top quality medical, spa, wellness, and thermal facilities and five-star hotel accommodations in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya and other major cities, Turkey has already been attracting patients from

On a daily basis, we have a number of submissions to medical journals sent to us for translating or editing. We confidently and quickly turn these projects around, thanks to the first-rate talent of our freelance translators, who are actually professionals in the healthcare sector as surgeons, doctors, nurses, dentists and the like.